Environmental Protections

The network of environmental protection systems at JED Landfill starts with a dual composite liner system that creates a barrier preventing contaminants from impacting the soil and groundwater. Next, a leachate collection system beneath the waste and above the primary liner collects liquids within the waste as well as rain that percolates through the waste. Once collected, the leachate is pumped to a contained storage area for loading and transport to an approved wastewater treatment facility.

Storm water runoff is also collected separately from leachate and contained in sedimentation ponds that allow soil particles to settle out of the water before evaporating or infiltrating the ground.

Groundwater monitoring wells, tested semi-annually, are strategically placed around the perimeter of the site to help ensure that landfill operations do not affect groundwater quality.

Methane gas, produced naturally by decomposing waste, is collected under vacuum through a series of extraction wells and piped to the Gas to Energy Facility where it ultimately generates electric power for end users.

The environmental protection systems in place meet all state and federal regulations.

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JED Landfill is owned and operated by Waste Connections of Osceola County, LLC, an integrated solid waste services company.

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