JED Landfill, along with our parent company, Waste Connections, supports sustainability efforts across the company and the communities we serve.
We recognize the importance of continuing efforts to minimize our impact on the environment by:

  • encouraging materials recycling and reuse;
  • using waste to generate clean, renewable energy;
  • reducing our carbon footprint and use of fossil fuels; and
  • exploring alternatives to landfill disposal.

Solid waste landfills over time generate a greenhouse gas, methane, which can be collected and converted into a valuable source of clean energy. We deploy gas recovery systems, such as the one here at JED, to collect methane that is then used to generate electricity for local households, fuel local industrial plants, power alternative fueled vehicles, or qualify for carbon emission and renewable fuel credits.

Since its opening year, JED Landfill has provided disposal options for Residential and Commercial Municipal Solid Waste, Construction and Demolition Waste, Industrial Wastes, and various Special Wastes.

JED Landfill is owned and operated by Waste Connections of Osceola County, LLC, an integrated solid waste services company.

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JED Landfill

1501 Omni Way

St Cloud, FL 34773

(407) 891-3720

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